high-quality, high-purity, single crystals of rare earth


We are a leading supplier of high-quality, high-purity, single crystals of rare earth, transition and refractory metals and alloys.

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Wire Saws

Our precision wire saws offer an improved cutting technique that is ideal for the precise cutting of semiconductors, ferrites, metals, glasses, and other hard or brittle solids.

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Plasma Systems

From low cost benchtop plasma cleaners and plasma etchers for R&D applications, to industrial scale plant machines for high throughput processes.

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UHV Technology

We provide equipment for Ultra-High Vacuum applications including wobble stick manipulators, sample transporters and rotary linear feedthroughs.

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Particle Beam Line

Princeton Scientific is a leading supplier of beamline systems, and beam diagnostic devices for research, industrial, and commercial accelerator systems to the accelerator scientific community.

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Additional Services

Princeton Scientific offers a variety of value aded services for our product line.
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Founded In 1991, Princeton Scientific Corp. is a Worldwide Supplier of Material Science & Engineering Related Products Plus Particle Beam Line Technology to Scientists, Engineers and Industrial Manufacturers.

Princeton Scientific is a leading global supplier of pure element crystals and substrates, as well as common alloys to research and industry. We supply high purity materials including metal single crystals, oxidic single crystals, substrate single crystals and bicrystals for superconductivity, substrate single crystals for III-V nitrides, and the highest purity materials in form of wires, foils, powders, etc. Sputtering targets, semiconductor single crystals, laser crystals, optical crystals and wire saws are also supplied to scientists, engineers and industrial manufacturers. Our goal is to supply these products, even in the case of demanding innovative requirements, with highest possible quality, competitive pricing and short delivery times. Optimized solutions for research, development and production are provided worldwide according to the specifications provided by our customers.

WS-25B High Precision Wire Saw with Semi-automatic Operation

WS-25B is the newest high precision wire saw in our product line. This unique saw can cut using the free abrasive method (wet cut), as well as cut using diamond dotted wire (dry cut).

WS-25 Precision Wire Saw

WS-25 High Precision Wire Saw with Electronic Sample Support

The first wire saw that can cut with free abrasive method as well as with a diamond dotted wire, the WS-25 wire saw is fitted with an adjustable sample support with electronic vertical axis and the sample is automatically moved up during the cutting process.

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