Additional services available include:

  • High Quality Crystal Processing of customer provided materials
  • Re-polishing of customer provided materials (both or single side)
    • Roughness < 10nm (typically 1nm for hard metals and typically less 1-5nm for soft metals, even for Pb) 
    • orientation accuracy <2 deg
    • orientation accuracy <1 deg
    • orientation accuracy < 0.4°           
    • orientation accuracy < 0.1° (possible up to <0.05°)
  • Cutting, orienting customer provided crystals
  • Laue pictures
  • Measuring of roughness
  • Diverse cuttings and cut of geometrics according to your specifications
  • Diverse drillings
  • Etching of the surface according to your specifications
  • Install of a wire for direct electronic contact of the sample
  • Install of chamfers
  • Bonding & de-bonding sputtering targets
  • Complete coating services

Contract Plasma Treatment

We offer a fast and cost-effective contract plasma treatment service for both small one-off requests and ongoing production.

Contract treatment is a cost-effective way of tapping into the unique benefits of plasma treatment where the cost of capital equipment isn’t justifiable, for example where one-off or short-term contracts have been awarded. Vacuum plasma treatment can be utilized for contract treatment with fast turnaround times to suit.

With a comprehensive suite of surface analysis equipment, we are able to conduct a wide range of surface property tests, both before and after plasma treatment, in order to provide you with the whole picture.

Services Offered

Plasma Cleaning

Plasma Cleaning is used to remove all traces of surface organic contaminants in a fast, efficient, and repeatable process. It is a low-temperature process, making it suitable for a variety of materials. Plasma cleaning improves adhesion.

Plasma Surface Activation

Plasma Surface Activation greatly improves the adhesion characteristics of many materials prior to painting, potting, printing, lacquering, or gluing. Plasma activation increases the surface energy of polymers, metals, glass, and ceramics. Complex 3D shapes are treated all over.

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