Compressed Air Actuated High Vacuum Feedthrough

Application:Feedthroughs provide for the ‘in’ and ‘out’ movement of elements, i.e., beam diagnostic components such as faraday cups, targets, viewing screens, harps, beam attenuators, capacitive pick-up probes, etc. The feedthrough is compatible with every standard diagnostic chamber. (Adaptations to special requirements are generally feasible.)Principle:The moving parts of the feedthrough are … Read More

Beam Profile Measuring System

Application:Measurement of intensity distribution of an accelerated ion or electron beam in two transverse directions (X and Y). Optional grids are available that permit measurement of additional planes.Principle: Wires to be used for X and Y planes collect charged particles; the collected charge is then converted to a given energy level, … Read More

Metal-Ceramic Bonds

Ceramic chambers are widely used in accelerator units for injection, fast extraction and beam excitation. These alumina chambers are placed in fast pulsed (range of nanoseconds) electromagnets of the kicker, bumper, dumper or scanner application. The reason for applying ceramic chambers is to avoid shielding of a fast changing external … Read More

Universal Precision High Vacuum Feedthrough

UNIVERSAL PRECISION HIGH VACUUM FEEDTHROUGH with an accuracy of positioning of +0.03mm (single or twin version)Application:The subject feedthrough is provided for the linear translation of elements inside a high-vacuum system. The universal feedthrough allows for mounting of arbitrary elements at the bottom of the spindle (inside the vacuum). Cooling of … Read More

Variable Segmented Aperture

ApplicationThe variable segmented aperture fits into the entrance ports of vacuum chambers and performs the following functions:Beam size limitation.Rough estimation of beam position.Using an appropriate hardware interlock system, accelerator components can be protected against incorrect beam adjustment.

RFQ Accelerator Structures

Various RFQ structures of the 4-rod type as. Specifications of previously delivered RFQ’s are delineated on the data sheet. In addition, the subsequent services can be offered:Design and manufacturing of Rf-systems.Design and manufacturing of vacuum systems.Delivery of a control system via PC or VME for the systems mentioned. The control … Read More

Capacitive Pick-Up Probes

CAPACITIVE PICK-UP PROBESfor the observation of the particle beam microstructureCapacitive pick-up probe with removed front segmented aperture. Inner ring is provided for current pick-up; also seen is the sealing flange with vacuum-sealed Ntype connector and segmented apertures for tuning of impedance.Application:The capacitive pick-up probe is used for observation of the particle beam … Read More

Jaw Slit Systems

JAW SLIT SYSTEM, DB 015for applications at particle acceleratorsApplication:Jaw slit systems available (with UHV-Feedthrough, Type LM 17) are used for beam size limitation, beam analysis functions, and energy definition in beam transport systems of particle accelerators.Design:The slit-jaw system pictured below, consists of a cooled copper block which is covered with … Read More

Emittance Measurement Device

Via a narrow slit, part of the beam is selected for measurement. Behind the slit, a detector system is positioned, permitting measurement of beam divergence for the selected bundle. This is accomplished by means of current measurement on the multistrip collector array. Slit and detector system move together with high … Read More