Thin Film Materials

Thin Film and PVD Materials From standard, single element pure metals to custom compounds; from small circular to multi-tile and…

Target Bonding

Princeton Scientific Corp. provides a complete range of bonding services. Targets are sputter coated with two separate layers using an…

Target Maintenance

Ramp RatesPower should be ramped up SLOWLY to avoid arcing. Typical ramp rates for oxides are 10 watts p/hour p/square inch of target surface. A reasonable ramp rate for non-refractory metal targets is 50 watts p/hour p/square inch of surface area.We recommend a VERY CONSERVATIVE break-in for oxide targets. We … Read More

Specialty Targets

Tellurides: Mercury Telluride (HgTe), Cadmium tellurium (CdTe), and Arsenic Telluride (AsTe). Tungsten/Titanium (W/Ti): Typical atomic or weight compositions are W/Ti…

Sputtering Targets

Princeton Scientific Corp. offers Sputtering targets made of – Metals, non-metals and chemical compounds with purity from 99.9% to 99.9999%. We offer standard, single element pure metals and custom compounds. Various geometric shapes; round, rectangular, as well as multi-tile and stepped constructions are possible. Please review our standard and specialty … Read More