ION Source Control

Software ION Source Control Description: ION Source Power Supply software extension for data acquisition and convenient control. Features: Full access to device settings and parameters Easy visual device status preview Real time data acquisition Real time chart presentation for acquired data Real time data saving Export acquired data to common formats for … Read More

Chart 2D

Software Chart 2D Chart 2D module give user access to see graphic representation of data in time. User can select which data he want to see, also has possibility to configure axes. Position, name and count of axes are free to configure and not limited. Data connected to selected axis can be draw with manual … Read More

Recipe Editor

Software Recipe Editor Recipe Editor module is designed to perform technological process base on recipe. It give user possibility to create recurrent process. By using graphical interface user can create list of sequences to execute. This module can control any device that is connected to the UMS. It can also wait during the process … Read More

Titanium Sublimation Pump

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Titanium Sublimation Pump Used to supplement the pumping action of other UHV pumps (normally Ion pumps and turbo molecular pumps) as it can be more effective at pumping certain gases. The main advantage of this pump is that it is simple, inexpensive, and can produce high pumping speeds. The TSP … Read More