Ion Multi Gauge Controller MG15

Measurement Controllers Ion Multi Gauge Controller MG15 Description The MG15 is able to support four active gauges and up to three passive gauges, extending the measurement range to 2×10-12mbar. The unit is fully software controlled. The unit can be remotely controlled via one of available interfaces. Features • Measurement range from atmospheric to 2×10-12 mbar … Read More

Thickness Monitors TM13 & TM14

Measurement Controllers Thickness Monitors TM13 & TM14 Description The TM13 and TM14 devices comprise: quartz oscillator, frequency measuring system and communication interface. It is connected to the input element of a quartz resonator. The measurement results are transmitted via RS232 to the master device: either a PC or TMC13 controller. Features TM13 Frequency Resolution: … Read More

Thickness Monitors Controller TMC-13

Measurement Controllers Thickness Monitors Controller TMC-13 Description TMC13 is the newest technology electronics designed for monitoring and controlling any coating and deposition processes. Up to six channel inputs and two additional vacuum gauge channels together with 7″ TFT display makes this unit really unique and universal. Sensor inputs can be assigned … Read More