2 Axis Deposition Manipulator

Two Axis Manipulators 2 Axis Deposition Manipulator Description The 2 Axes Motorised MBE Manipulator is a high precision, high rigidity, UHV specimen manipulator of modular construction, suitable for a range of R1 motorised continuous substrate rotation and Z translation. It is prepared to heat the substrate up to 1400°C with accuracy +/- 1°C. The station … Read More


Two Axis Manipulators Goniometer Description The precision, two axis goniometer stage is designed specifically for anti-clash and sample access. Both axes are fitted with vernier readouts of 0,1° precision. Full 360° R1 rotation in the horizontal plane (with no sources hindering the movement). 90° R2 rotation from vertically upward pointing … Read More

XY Stage

Two Axis Manipulators XY Stage Description The XY Stage is a precision, high rigidity UHV specimen translator having X and Y motions. The standard mounting flange is DN 160CF. A DN 100CF mounting flange version is also available. The translator can work in any orientation Application The XY Stages has been … Read More