Stereo Microscopes

PSC Stereomicroscope Application The PSC Stereomicroscope,  with  a  wide  visible field, is designed  for  stereoscopic observation of samples with the use of changeable magnification. Microscope is equipped with its own power supply for regulation of light and table for cross light observation. Technical Data Magnification: • with 10x eyepiece • … Read More

Vacuum Sample Holder

Application and General CharacteristicsThe  Vacuum  Sample Holder is designed to use a vacuum to hold a 4 x 6 cm glass plate, on to which samples are fixed with wax. The  glass  plate is held against a stainless support plate with vacuum  and is placed firmly against 3 locating pins … Read More

Optical Orientation Devices

WSXC-20 Optical Orientation Device Application The WSXC 20 Optical Orientation Device is used to determine the orientation of a crystal or to align a crystal so the specifically oriented surface can be cut. General Characteristics WSXC 20 optical orientation device is a set consisting of: 0.5 mW laser beam source … Read More

Laue Cameras

WSXC-10 X-Ray Laue CameraApplicationThe  WSXC-10  camera  is used for the orientation of single crystal samples where cutting along  strictly determined crystallographic planes isrequired.General CharacteristicsWSXC10 camera is designed to hold crystals in the process of determining crystallographic orientation using Laue back reflection. The diffracted beams are registered by the wet film … Read More


WSG-01 GoniometerApplication:The  WSG 01 goniometer is designed for specimen orientation when cutting along desired direction  is required. General Characteristics:The WSG 01 goniometer is used to hold samples in the process of orientation using scale or different methods such as Laue photo, laser beam reflection, optical method and than cutting on high precision … Read More