The diamond wire saw DWS.375E (endless) is currently our largest one-way saw in vertical design.

The maximum workpiece cutting area is T375xH375 mm. Diamond wire loops with a length of 3000 mm and thicknesses from 0.35 to 0.80 mm are used. The continuously adjustable wire speed goes from 4 to 12 m/s. To ensure a constant cutting pressure, the feed is done by gravity. Workpieces can be cut both wet and dry.

The DWS.375E is equipped with an operator-guided, ergonomically visible touch control. There is currently a choice of six languages (DE-EN-FR-ES-JP-CN). The industrial-grade drive and control technology ensures robust and precise operation. The built-in sensor system for end of cut, open hood or, if necessary, wire breakage ensures safety. The precision saw is made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum.

Your workpieces can be flexibly fastened to the slot table of the DWS.375E with our offered clamping devices.

Technical Data
Saw housing
Type Stainless steel - aluminum - construction
Safety according to European directive
Saw dimensions H1450 x L 900 x B 550 mm
Saw weight 150 kg
Drive / Power supply
Engine power 320 Watt
Power supply 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Diamond wire
Outer diameter 0,35 - 0,80 mm
Wire length 3000 m
Drum diameter 375 mm
Control system
Operating interface Color touch panel
Security code protection Deactivatable
Separation method Diamond wire cut
Cutting pressure Constant / gravity
Cutting speed 4 - 12 m/s
Max. sample weight 30 kg
Sample dimension 375 mm x 375 mm
clamping device Various sample holders
Wire cleaning
Kind Mech. water swirling
Alternate Dry or air jet