High Quality Materials for Research, Manufacturing and Educational Institutions

Princeton Scientific is a leading supplier of innovative materials for research, manufacturing and educational institutions. These include Oxide Single Crystals, Metal Single Crystals & Bicrystals (all as substrates or bulk), Laser Rods, Optical Materials, III-V Semiconductors, Highest Purity Materials in the form of wires, foils, powders, pieces etc., sputter targets.

Custom engineering customer specifications is generally possible!

Our Material Product Line Includes:

Metal Single Crystals and Precious Metals

Pure Elements

Semiconductor Single Crystals

Substrates / Wafers

Optical Components

Laser Components

NLO Crystals

Oxide Single Crystals

Evaporation Pellets

Evaporation Materials

Thin Films/Sputtering Targets

Substrate Bicrystals for Superconductivity





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