Chromium Single Crystal 24Cr51.996

Discovered and isolated in 1780 by Nicholas Louis Vauquelin at Paris, France.

[Greek: chroma = colour] French: chrome
German: chrom
Italian: cromo
Spanish: cromo

Description: Chromium is a hard, blue-white metal. It will dissolve in HCl and H2SO4 but not in HNO3, H3PO4 or HClO4 due to reaction and formation of a protective layer on the surface. Chromium can be polished to a high shine and resists oxidation in air. It main uses are in alloys, chrome plating and metal ceramics.


Metal single crystal properties
State:single crystal
Crystal structure:bcc
Production method:Floating zone
Standard size:diameter 6-10mm
thickness 1-2mm
Orientation:(100), (110) and (111)
Orientation accuracy:<2°, <1°, <0.5° or <0.1d°
Polishing:as cut, one or two sides polished
Roughness of surface:<0.03µm
Typical analysis (ppm):Ag < 0.10
C 10.0
Ca 0.01
Cd < 0.10
Cl 1.60
Co < 0.10
Cu < 0.10
Fe 18.0
H < 2.00
Mg < 0.10
Mn < 0.10
Mo < 0.20
N < 5.00
Na < 0.10
Ni 3.00
O < 5.00
Si 4.80
Cr balance