Germanium Single Crystal 32Ge72.59

Discovered in 1886 by C.A. Winkler at Freiburg, Germany

[Latin: Germania = Germany] French: germanium
German: germanium
Italian: germanio
Spanish: germanio

Description: Ultrapure germanium is a silvery-white brittle metalloid element. It is stable in air and water, is unaffected by acids, except HNO3, and alkalis. It is used in semiconductors, alloys and special glasses for infrared devices.


Metal single crystal properties
State: single crystal
Crystal structure: diamond
Production method: Czochralski
Standard size: diameter ≤100mm
thickness 0.5-2mm
Orientation: (100), (110) and (111)
Orientation accuracy: <2°, <1°, <0.5° or <0.1°
Polishing: as cut, one or two sides polished
Roughness of surface: <0.03µm
Purity: 99.999%