Iron single crystal 26Fe55.847

Known to ancient civilizations.

[Anglo-Saxon: iron; Latin: ferrum] French: fer
German: eisen
Italian: ferro
Spanish: hierro

Description: Iron, when absolutely pure, is lustrous, silvery and soft (workable). This is the most important of all the metals and it is used chiefly as steel in which there is carbon (up to 1.7%). Stainless steels are alloys with other metals, mainly nickel. Iron rusts in damp air and dissolves readily in dilute acids. Its uses are legion.

Metal single crystal properties
State: single crystal
Crystal structure: bcc
Production method: Strain annealing
Standard size: diameter 6-10mm
thickness 1-2mm
Orientation: (100), (110) and (111)
Orientation accuracy: <2°, <1°, <0.5° or <0.1°
Polishing: as cut, one or two sides polished
Roughness of surface: <0.03µm
Purity: 99.98%
Typical analysis (ppm): Ag < 0.1
Al < 0.1
As < 0.1
C 12
Ca 0.8
Cl 0.8
Co 2.6
Cu 0.6
Cr 1.6
K 1.8
Mg 0.87
Mo < 0.1
N 10.0
Na 1.6
Ni < 0.1
O 30.0
P 0.7
S 2.6
Si 2.9
Ti 1.4
V 0.1
Zn 1.9
Fe balance