Zinc Single Crystal 30Zn65.37

Known in India and China before 1500.

[German: zink] French: zinc
German: zink
Italian: zinco
Spanish: cinc

Description: Zinc is a bluish-white metal that is brittle when cast. It tarnishes in air and reacts with acids and alkalis. Zinc is used for galvanizing iron, in alloys such as brass, and in batteries. Zinc oxide is used in rubber and as a polymer stabilizer.


Metal single crystal properties
State: single crystal
Crystal structure: hexagonal
Production method: Bridgman
Standard size: diameter 10-20mm
thickness 1-2mm
Orientation: (1001), (1-100) and (11-20)
Orientation accuracy: <2°, <1°, <0.5° or <0.1°
Polishing: as cut, one or two sides polished
Roughness of surface: <0.03µm
Purity: 99.999%
Typical analysis (ppm): Ag 2
Ca 1
Cd 3
Cu < 2
Fe < 2
Hg < 1
Pb 2
Sn < 1
Zn balance