Oxide single crystals are available according to your individual specifications, including dimension, geometry, orientation etc. As with all crystals we can achieve an orientation accuracy of <0.1° to 0.05°. In addition to the oxides we offer also carbide, halide, sulfides and other single crystals.

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Barium TitanateBaTiO3More info
Cobalt OxideCoO
Chromium OxideCr2O3
Gadolinium Gallium GarnetGd3Ga5O12
Highly Oriented Pyrolytic GraphiteHOPGMore info
Iron OxideFeO
Lanthanum AluminateLaAlO3More Info
Lanthanum Stronmium Aluminium TantalateLSATMore info
Lithium AluminateLiAlO2
Lithium NiobateLiNbO3
Lithium TantalateLiTaO3
Magnesium OxideMgOMore info
Manganese OxideMnO
Neodymium Calcium AluminateNdCaAlO4
Neodymium GallateNdGaO3
Nickel OxideNiO
Potassium TantalateKTaO3
SpinelMgAl2O4More info
Strontium Lanthanum Aluminate / SLASrLaAIO4
Strontium Lanthanum GallateSrLaGaO4More info
Strontium TitanateSrTiO3More info
Niob Doped Strontium TitanateSrTiO3:Nb
Titanium DioxideTiO2More info
Yttrium Aluminium Garnet / YAGY3Al5O12
Yttrium Aluminium Perowskite / YAPYAlO3
Cerium Doped Yttrium Aluminium PerowskiteYAlO3:Ce
Yttrium OrthovanadateYVO4
Zinc OxideZnOMore info
Yttrium Stabilised Zirkonium Dioxide / YSZZrO2:Y