Lanthanum Aluminate – Strontium Aluminium Tantalate is a hard, optically transparent ceramic oxide. Its most common use is as a single crystal substrate for the growth of epitaxial thin films.

Materials properties

Formula: (LaAlO3)0.3 – (Sr2AlTaO6)0.7
Crystal Growth
Growth Method: Czochralski
Max. Diameter Ø2″
Crystallographic Properties
Crystal Structure: Cubic:
a = 0.7737 nm
Color: Colorless to Light Yellow
Physical Properties
Density: 6.74g cm-3
Melting Point: 2113K
Thermal Expansion (10-6K-1): 10
Dielectric Constant: 22
Loss Tangent (@ 77K, 8.8GHZ): 2×10-4


Other sizes and specifications on request