Princeton Scientific Corp. provides a complete range of bonding services. Targets are sputter coated with two separate layers using an MRC Sputter Deposition System to match the expansion coefficient of the backing plate.

  • Metallic bondings are available in various temperatures ranging from 150° to 225°C.
  • We can easily bond most targets, in any size or shape. This includes round targets from 0.5” to 16” in diameter, ‘Delta’ targets and rectangular targets from 1” x 1” to 10” x 60”.

PSC can offer two types of bonding:

  • Indium Metal: Indium and indium based alloy materials. The melting temperatures for bonding materials range from 156°C to 225°C
  • Silver Epoxy: Silver loaded epoxy for applications that require a significantly higher melting point than Indium.