Materials properties
Structure formula: ZrO2:Y(9.5% Y)
State: monocrystalline (twin free)
Crystal structure: cubic a = 0.5125 nm
Melting point: 2780°C
Thermal expansion coefficient: 8 * 10-6/°C
Dielectrical constant (εr): 27
Substrate properties
Production method: Skull method
Orientation: (100)
Orientation accuracy: £0.5°
Standard size: 10mm x 10mm x thickness 0.5mm
Tolerance of length: +0 / -0.05mm
Tolerance of thickness: +0 / -0.02mm
Parallelness: £0.02°
Polishing: Standard: one side epi-polished
Flatness: £1µm / 10mm
Roughness of surface: Rmax £ 4nm (average Ra =< 1nm)
Scratches: none
Surface quality: with light microscope without defects