Thin SrTiOfilm deposited on top of a doped Si substrate

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Precise Surfaces and Accurate Orientations

The anisotropic properties of crystals lead to a wide range of applications in research and development. Princeton Scientific offers substrates for thin film application, as targets or custom tailored for individual application with highest quality and very competitive pricing.



  • (100), (001), (111), (110) for cubic and tetragonal crystals
  • (0001), (1102), (1120), (1010) for hexagonal crystals

Other orientations with higher Miller index values or vicinal substrates

Orientation accuracy: ± 0.5°, typical < 0.3°, or better on request

Typical sizes:

  • 5 mm x 5 mm, 10 mm x 10 mm, 10 mm x 5 mm, 15 mm x 15 mm
  • 12,7 mm x 12,7 mm, 20 mm x 20 mm, 25 mm x 25 mm, ø1", ø2"

Lateral tolerances: +0/-0.05 mm

Typical thickness:

  • 0.5 mm, 1.0 mm, other thicknesses down to 0.1 mm on request

Vertical tolerance: +/- 0.05 mm, or better on request


  • One or both sides epi-polished
  • Surface quality: scratch free under magnification 50x
  • Micro-Roughness (measured with interferometer microscope)
    (lateral resolution: 0.64 µm, vertical resolution: theor. 0.01 nm)
    Roughness: ( λcut off =0.08 mm)
    Ra: < 0.5 nm
    Rq : < 1.0 nm
  • Rt : < 2.0 nm
  • Certificate of roughness included in each batch

Optical polish on lateral sides (cylinders) on request.



Mineral Name
Data Sheet
Al2O3 Aluminium oxide Sapphire Data Sheet
BaF2 Barium fluoride Frankdicksonite Data Sheet
BaTiO3 Barium titanate BTO Data Sheet
CaF2 Calcium fluoride Fluorspar Data Sheet
CdS Cadmium sulfide Greenockite  Data Sheet
CdSe Cadmium selenide Cadmoselite Data Sheet
CdTe Cadmium telluride -
GaN Gallium Nitride
Ge Germanium - Data Sheet
Gd3Ga5O12 Gadolinium Gallium Garnet GGG  Data Sheet
KBr Potassium bromide -
KTaO3 Potassium tantalate -
LaAlO3 Lanthanum aluminate LAL  Data Sheet
LiAlO2 Lithium aluminate -
LiF Lithium fluoride - Data Sheet
LiNbO3 Lithium niobate LN Data Sheet
(La,Sr)(Al,Ta)O3 Lanthanum strontium aluminium tantalate LSAT Data Sheet
LiTaO3 Lithium tantalate LT Data Sheet
MgAl2O4 Magnesium aluminate Spinel Data Sheet
MgF2 Magnesium fluoride Sellaite Data Sheet
MgO Magnesium oxide Periclase Data Sheet
NdGaO3 Neodymium gallate - Data Sheet
(1-x)Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3) - xPbTiO3 Lead magnesium niobate – lead titanate PMN-PT
Si Silicon - Data Sheet
SiC Silicon carbide -
SiO2 Silicon dioxide Amorphous Quartz glass
α-SiO2 Silicon dioxide, single crystalline Alpha-quartz Data Sheet
SrLaAlO4 Strontium lanthanum aluminate SLA Data Sheet
SrLaGaO4 Strontium lanthanum gallate SLG Data Sheet
SrTiO3 Strontium titanate Fabulite, Tausonite Data Sheet
SrTiO3 (STO) on Silicon Thin SrTiO3 film deposited on top of a doped Si substrate Learn More
SrTiO3:Nb Niob doped Strontium titanate - Data Sheet
TiO2 Titanium dioxide Rutile Data Sheet
Y3Al5O12 Yttrium Aluminium Garnet YAG Data Sheet
Y3Fe5O12 Yttrium Iron Garnet  YIT
YVO4 Yttrium Orthovanadate YVO Data Sheet
YAlO3 Yttrium Aluminium Perowskite YAP Data Sheet
YAlO3:Ce Cerium doped Yttrium Aluminium Perowskite YAP:Ce
ZnO Zinc oxide Zincite Data Sheet
ZnS Zinc sulfide - Data Sheet
ZnSe Zinc selenide - Data Sheet
ZnTe Zinc telluride - Data Sheet
ZrO2:Y Yttrium stabilised Zirkonium dioxide YSZ Data Sheet