At Princeton Scientific, Beam Diagnostics is one of our core competencies. We provide an extensive range of solutions, where customization is our standard practice. Share your specific beam parameters and the desired measurement quality, and we'll develop a tailor-made solution for you. Our expertise covers diagnostic components such as faraday cups (beam stoppers or coaxial cups), profile grids, and capacitive pick-ups like phase probes. Feel free to inquire here for your personalized solution.

Faraday Cups

The principle of operation is rather simple: the ion beam is hitting a piece of metal, the current flow to earth is measured with an ammeter and corresponds to the beam current. The resulting current is measured and used to determine the number of ions or electrons hitting the cup.

Beam Profile Monitors

We offer beam profile monitors following different functioning principles. The scope includes profile grids, wire scanners, luminescence targets and residual gas monitors. All are designed following your individual requirements.

Capacitive Pickup Probes

Capacitive pickups are provided for observation of the longitudinal particle distribution by means of so called ring probes or the transversal positioning of a beam by means of segmented probes (knob probe, segmented ring or linear cut shoebox).

Emittance Scanners

The transversal angle distribution of the particle beam can be measured by this devices. For each location of the beam cross section the angle distribution of the particles at location of measurement is determined.