Capacitive pickups are provided for observation of the logitudinal particle distribution by means of so called ring probes or the transversal positioniong of a beam by means of segmented probes (knob probe, segmented ring or linear cut shoebox). The individual pickup is supposed to be followed by a broad or narrow band signal processing system. A typical application case for phase probes is a time of flight (TOF) measurement.

Send us your beam parameters (pulse duration FWHM, frequency, beam energy, aperture) and we will find the best solution for your requirements including calculations on the probe signals.

Phase Probes

Our phase probes are well suited for time of flight (TOF) measurements and measurement of mikro-bunch length. Provide us with your special beam parameters and we will come up with or design suggestion including analytical simulation of the probe signals.

Beam Position Monitors (BPM)

The none destructive detection of the beam position can be accomplished by this device. The signal processing is often narrow band at frequency of a harmonic of the fundamental frequency of the accelerator to gain sensitivity. You will receive detailed analysis of the signals including FFT data to optimize on your electronics.