Via a narrow slit, part of the beam is selected for measurement. Behind the slit, a detector system is positioned, permitting measurement of beam divergence for the selected bundle. This is accomplished by means of current measurement on the multistrip collector array. Slit and detector system move together with high precision transverse to beam direction, and an intensity profile is measured for each selected position.

Emittance measurement system consist of subsequent components:

  1. Precision high-vacuum feedthrough which provides desired movements of slit and
    detector assembly inside an emittance measurement chamber (2 x).
  2. Emittance measurement chamber for installation of two (2) measurement systems
    (1x for X- direction and 1 x for Y-direction; Z-direction = beam direction). Chamber
    is provided for integration into beam transport system.
  3. Slit and detector assembly (2 x).
  4. Signal-processing system, including an appropriate interface for computer control.

NOTE: The advantage of the described emittance measurement device is its compact
system design. Slit and detector are mounted to a common support arm and move across
the beam path by only one (1) highly precise stepping motor unit. This is our standard

Devices used at various accelerators are subject to diversity; therefore, it is possible to
modify our design to meet customer requirements (i.e. mechanical and electronics control
can be modified.)