Princeton Scientific's extensive experience in the field of particle accelerator design and manufacturing. We cover all design aspects from beam dynamics layouts over RF-construction to thermal design and offer high precision manufacture of parts and assembly including adjustment with most modern measuring tools like laser trackers and can even accomplish RF-tuning of cavities following most sophisticated techniques like bead perturbation measurements.


The interdigital H-mode (IH) accelerator converts RF power particularly efficient into acceleration fields. Unlike with typical line resonators, such as the 4-rod RFQ, all the inner surfaces are an integral part of the resonating structure which puts high tolerance requirements on the entire inner surface, including tank elements. We offer the full scope from dynamics, high-frequency design up to the final RF tuning and commissioning of the structure.


In a collaboration with Prof. Dr. Ulrich Ratzinger of the J.-W. Goethe University a normal-conducting CH structure has been developed for the GSI in Darmstadt serving as a prototype for the planned 350 MHz proton linac which will accelerate to a final energy of 70 MeV. The total length will be in the order of 25 m. The particular efficiency of this structure is due to the compact design and the direct coupling of two individual CH resonators by means of an intermediate coupling cell which houses a compact quadrupole triplet for radial focusing.

The prototype for GSI’s proton linac was the first normal conducting CH structure, followed by other structures of this kind: a cw structure for the FRANZ project, a highest field structure and a prototype for the CW-Linac of the MYRRHA project.


Beside the well known RFQ and IH- or CH-structures we provide design and manufacture of special resonators like buncher cavities, quarter to half wave resonators.

UHV-Rectangle Chambers

If your application requires a vacuum chamber that differs from a cylindrical form, Princeton Scientific can provide a customized solutions for your needs. Our long lasting experience in building vacuum chambers enables us to build vacuum chambers nearly any shape.


Rectangle Vacuum Chamber
Rectangle UHV Vacuum Chamber