The subject feedthrough is provided for the linear translation of elements inside a high-vacuum system. The universal feedthrough allows for mounting of arbitrary elements at the bottom of the spindle (inside the vacuum). Cooling of the attached elements is possible through the bore of the spindle. In the field of accelerator technology, our universal feedthrough is useful for assembly of slit systems, emittance measurement devices, scanners and frequency tuners.


The feedthrough is mounted on a CF-flange. A 1.8° stepping motor drives a ballscrew. The conversion of the motor rotation into a linear displacement is achieved without backlash by means of a preloaded nut unit. A membrane bellow is used for vacuum sealing. For measurement of position, a high precision linear potentiometer is provided (encoder optional); the alignment of the spindle-axis is possible by using of a ball joint support.

Universal Precision High-Vacuum Feedthrough