Vacuum Technology is one of the primary skills. of Princeton Scientific. Whenever “nothing” is required we can provide a solution, mainly in the field of Ultra High Vacuum applications. Princeton Scientific can provide solutions for nearly any requirement.

We design and manufacture vacuum chambers of different shape (cylindrical, rectangular, …) and for various applications (coating chambers, heating chambers, cryo chambers, …).

Additionally to UHV-chambers we offer a wide range of accessories such as motion systems for any kind of vacuum application

As a speciality we offer Al-chambers with stainless steel CF-flanges. For this type of chambers we use the inhouse developed Bi-Metal-flanges.

UHV Chambers

We provide anything but standard.  From Aluminum to stainless steel, from design to finished product, tell us your needs and we accompany you during the complete process.

Bi-Metal Flanges

Princeton Scientific can provide Aluminum chambers with inhouse developed Bi-metal-flanges.

UHV-Rectangle Chambers

If your application requires a vacuum chamber that differs from a cylindrical form, Princeton Scientific can provide a customized solutions for your needs. Our long lasting experience in building vacuum chambers enables us to build vacuum chambers nearly any shape.


Rectangle Vacuum Chamber
Rectangle UHV Vacuum Chamber