Low Cost Plasma Cleaner

Our low-cost plasma cleaners are entry-level units which are suitable for a wide range of basic plasma cleaning and surface activation procedures.

There are two models to choose from; 100mm diameter and 150mm diameter plasma chamber. Either choice is perfect for occasional and low-throughput laboratory or production use. They do not have the range of options or upgrade features available with our other plasma cleaner models but deliver unbeatable value in a compact, bench-top unit.


  • Available in 100mm dia. and 150mm dia. plasma chamber versions
  • Single, fixed flow gas inlet
  • Continuously variable power setting
  • With or without vacuum pump
  • Also available for rental for proof of concept trials

Our Models

The HPT-100 & HPT-200 are microprocessor controlled benchtop plasma treatment systems which are ideally suited to surface activation, cleaning and modification of a wide range of materials including polymers, metals, glass and ceramics.