NEBULA plasma surface treatment systems feature large-format vacuum chambers along with many advanced features, all with the reliability of recipe-driven PLC control.

They are configurable tools that are both robust enough for reliable, repeatable industrial processing and at the same time flexible enough for the research into, and development of, leading-edge plasma processes.

The NEBULA range has been designed around our core technologies in plasma surface treatment and plasma process development. With chamber volumes ranging from 50L to 150L, each instrument may be configured with multiple parts tray/electrodes for either horizontal or vertical mounting arrangements. Additionally, a high capacity rotary drum mechanism can be chosen for the treatment of large numbers of small parts for example.

NEBULA plasma systems are used for cleaning, adhesion improvement and enhanced wetting of surfaces via plasma surface activation. Treatments can be performed equally on metals, polymers, composites, glass and ceramics.

A unique feature of each NEBULA system is the addition of an optional monomer dosing inlet. This is a fully automated device for the introduction of a wide range of liquid monomers to produce permanently functionalised surfaces via plasma polymerisation, greatly extending the range of plasma surface treatment possibilities in a single machine.


  • 30L – 150L chamber volumes
  • Horizontal, vertical and rotary drum parts tray options
  • Plasma polymerisation inlet
  • PLC control
  • Fully automated, recipe-driven processes

Portals Software

The Nebula System operation is controlled via the Portals software application, a unique and custom piece of software accessible via PC Touch-screen HDMI interface with PLC controller. Feature full recipe control (unlimited recipes) with operator, technician and administrator level logins capabilities.

Coating Example

  • Hydrophobic process
  • Cotton surface
  • Coating < 20nm
  • Contact angle > 100°

Before plasma treatment

After plasma treatment

Chamber capacity & options

The Nebula is available in 30L-150L capacity, the chamber can be customised to suit a wide variety of applications. Standard configurations include;

  • Horizontal/Verticle shelving loading electrodes
  • Rotary drum electrode

Monomer delivery

Plasma polymerisation is performed via our automated vapour delivery inlet with monomer reservoir. This allows controlled deposition of a wide range of nano-scale polymer coatings on complex 3D objects. Surfaces can be made permanently wettable or oppositely permanently liquid repellent. Other functional properties include bio-compatibility and anti-microbial.


  • Compact stand alone unit
  • User friendly recipe driven interface
  • Unlimited recipes and steps per recipe
  • Fast treatment time
  • Precise & repeatable
  • No hazardous emissions
  • Liquid dosing inlet option

Technical Specifications

 Nebula 30 – 50 – 100 – 150L
DimensionsBase model: W 612mm x H 1875mm x L 852mm (+200mm on side for cables)
Weight~100-120kg depending on model
MaterialStainless Steel

30L – 300mm W x  300mm H x 365mm L

50L – 300mm W x 300mm H x 560mm L

100L – 400mm W x  400mm H x 625mm L

150L – 400mm W x 600mm H x 625mm L

MaterialAluminium/Stainless steel
FormFlat horizontal trays, vertical carriers, rotary drum, user defined
Power0-1000W, continuously variable output
Interface15” Colour TFT, Windows 10, PLC Control – Unlimited steps/recipes with user access privileges
Gas channels1-3 Digital Mass Flow Controllers – monomer dosing inlet optional
Vent inletx1
Vent inlet optionssoft ventilation option
Purge inletx1
Connections6mm compression or 1/4 compression optional
Pressure gaugePirani sensor
Vacuum pump12 to 40 m3/hr pumping speed
Vacuum pump options2-stage rotary pump (air/inert gas), PFPE rotary pump (oxygen compatible), dry pumps. All pumps include exhaust filter and connections
Electrical380-400 VAC/3~/N/PE, max current 16A/phase, 50Hz
Power cordSuited to region
ComplianceCE – UKCA – ROHS – WEEE

**Henniker strive for continuous improvement and specifications are subject to change without notice

NEBULA Product Brochure

NEBULA plasma surface treatment systems feature large-format vacuum chambers along with advanced process control (HMI and PLC). They are perfectly suited to advanced research and for critical manufacturing steps that need to be unattended and traceable.