Plasma Surface Activation Systems

Plasmas surface activation is an effective pre-treatment prior to printing, lacquering or gluing of a wide range of polymers. Glass and ceramics can be plasma-activated similarly.

Oxygen is usually used as the process gas, however, plasma surface activation can also be carried out with just ambient air. Parts remain active for a few minutes up to several months, depending on the particular material that has been plasma treated. Our range of plasma surface activation equipment can be configured in various ways, such as single or multiple gas inlets, multiple loading trays and rotary drum chambers, making them suitable for many requirements. Our experts have years of experience with different applications and system options and will help you to configure a plasma surface activation unit for your exact needs.

Plasma surface activation systems:

  • Lab/process scale chamber volumes starting from 100mm diameter
  • Industrial-scale plasma cleaners for large parts/high throughput
  • Multiple shelf configurations
  • Easy to use TFT software control
  • Pre- and post-treatment surface test apparatus

Our Models

HPT-300 & HPT-500

The HPT-300 & HPT-500 are microprocessor controlled benchtop plasma treatment systems which are ideally suited to surface activation, cleaning and modification of a wide range of materials including polymers, metals, glass and ceramics.