Plasma Cleaning for Electron Microscopy

Our low-cost plasma cleaners/plasma ashers for electron microscopy users are designed specifically for fast and efficient cleaning of sample holders and individual grids and stubs.

Our plasma cleaner/plasma asher range for electron microscopy are fully automated bench-top plasma cleaners that come with standard adapters which are suitable for the sample holders supplied with all the major microscope manufacturers. The plasma output power is fully variable over the range 0-100W, resulting in a very controllable & gentle cleaning process. Common sources of error inside the microscope are clearly reduced with plasma cleaning and the dwell time during the measurement is significantly increased.

Plasma cleaner/asher for SEM/TEM

  • Fully variable plasma output between 0-100W
  • Very low power setting as standard
  • Adapters for common SEM sample holders
  • Compact laboratory size bench-top instrument
  • Operation with a range of cleaning gases