We offer a range of services to support both new and existing customers, backed by extensive R&D facilities and expertise. Need to try something out? Not sure if plasma treatment will solve your production issue? Read below about how can support you in making the right decision.

Proof of concept trials

Not sure if plasma treatment is right for you?  Then let us help you to decide. We understand that plasma technology may not be familiar to you, that’s ok, it’s what we’re here to help with. We can provide a free, fast, no-nonsense proof of concept trial to show you what’s possible.

We will be happy to discuss your expectations, both technical and commercial, and then to undertake some initial proof of concept plasma treatment trials, totally free of charge, to help you determine if one of our range of plasma treatments could be useful.

We have the extensive technical knowledge, applications knowledge and of course a wide range of plasma treatment and surface test facilities at our disposal. 

If plasma treatment isn’t suitable (and sometimes it isn’t!), we can help you to determine that as well, and often, we can suggest alternatives or point you in the right direction.

Rental options

We carry a wide range rental plasma treatment systems in stock at any one time, both standard and customised, and available at great rates for immediate dispatch.


If the immediate purchase of a system is not the most efficient method for you and should you decide, after trying the equipment and processes, that plasma treatment is right for your product, we even offset part of the rental payment against eventual outright purchase.

You can play it safe with us, rent a plasma treatment unit first, then decide.

We firmly believe that there isn’t a process or problem that can’t be solved by working together.

Plasma process development

During plasma processes development, we work hand in hand with our clients to customise a plasma treatment solution that best meets their needs. We undertake in-house or on-site process development for a wide range of new applications, drawing on extensive real-world experience.

In the first instance, we are happy to receive your samples after initial discussion and in order to determine an optimum treatment. These preliminary tests are always free of charge. After the initial process development, a treatment plan can be detailed.  At this stage, we are generally ready to move forward to quote a specific system/treatment(s) exactly matched to your product, a service which ultimately reduces your risk.


  • Access to our extensive process library
  • Comprehensive surface testing methods
  • Adhesion and coatings processes

Contract plasma treatment

We offer a fast and cost-effective contract plasma treatment service for both small one-off requests and ongoing production.

Contract treatment is a cost-effective way of tapping into the unique benefits of plasma treatment where the cost of capital equipment isn’t justifiable, for example where one-off or short term contracts have been awarded.

Our plasma treatment and testing facility is equipped with a comprehensive range of plasma treatment equipment for both cleaning, surface activation, coating and etching.

Both vacuum and in-line atmospheric plasma treatments can be utilised for contract treatment with fast turnaround times to suit.

For more information on any of our services feel free to contact us today!