Surface Test Equipment

As a leading provider of innovative plasma surface treatment solutions, we understand the critical role that surface testing plays in ensuring product quality, performance, and reliability. Whether you are seeking to evaluate surface cleanliness, adhesion strength, wettability, or other surface properties, our comprehensive range of surface test equipment is designed to meet your needs.

Dyne Test Overview

Dyne liquids allow rapid assessment of surface energy. Surface energy is the property of a surface arising from unbalanced molecular forces at or near the surface, compared to those in the bulk material, and provides a quick indication of adhesion characteristics and wettability.

If a liquid is applied to the surface and its surface energy is higher than the surface energy of a material to which it is applied then the liquid tends to form droplets. If the surface energy of the liquid is lower than that of the surface to which it is applied it will spread out or “wet” the surface evenly.

This is the basis of the Dyne test.

Quick Test Dyne Pens – Rapid Surface Testing.

The Quick-Test pens are a convenient tool for checking the quality of plasma treatment on any part. They have a fixed setting of 38 mN/m, which corresponds to the surface energy of a well-treated part. They can be refilled with ink when they run out.

To use them, simply draw a line on the part and observe if the ink spreads or beads up. If the ink spreads evenly, the part has been properly treated. If the ink beads up, the part needs more treatment or cleaning.

The Quick-Test pens are a simple and effective way to ensure the quality of your plasma treatment process and are available off the shelf for next day delivery.

Dyne Pens Sets – Accurate Surface Testing.

We also offer a range of Dyne test pens sets that cover different values of surface tension, from 34 mN/m to 72 mN/m, in 2 mN/m increments. Each pen has a valve tip applicator that prevents evaporation and contamination of the liquid. The pens are easy to use and have a shelf life of up to 12 months if stored properly.

The Dyne pen is applied to the surface under study and simple visual observation of wettability is made. Using Dyne pens of increasing surface tension provides rapid identification of the approximate level of the surface energy of the sample,

All Dyne Pen sets are available off the shelf for next day delivery.

Dyne Ink Sets – Surface Energy Test Inks.

Individual surface energy test inks are supplied in 12ml bottles of varying surface tension from 12mN/m to 105mN/m, or as handy kits with fluids that have a selection of surface tension levels; 28 mN/m, 38, 48, 56, 64, 72 and 105 mN/m.

By brushing surface energy test Inks of progressively increasing surface tension over a plasma treated surface, one can accurately ascertain the material surface energy, and therefore the improvement in wettability and bonding characteristics compared with an untreated surface.

Surface Silicone Contamination Test Kit

Silicone contamination of surfaces poses a real problem in many manufacturing steps. Silicones can be present due to mould release agents or simply from leeching from ‘clean’ packaging, resulting in poor adhesion and bonding characteristics.

Our surface silicone contamination test kit is a convenient method to determine the presence of silicones. Supplied in a handy case, the kit contains everything needed to perform a simple test for surface contamination by silicones.

The test kit contains:

  • Wash solvent
  • Mineral glass slides
  • Over-spray
  • Padded carry case