Plasma Treatment in the Automotive Industry

Plasma treatment equipment and plasma surface treatment processes are used to improve the adhesion of a wide range of interior and exterior automotive parts without the heat issues that can be common with flame treaters.

Both in-line and vacuum plasma systems are effectively deployed to increase the surface wettability of common materials such as ABS, LGF-PP and PC among others. We are recognized as a leader in the field having worked with many leading suppliers both in the US and overseas to deliver on-time and in-budget plasma systems for almost every common automotive manufacturing task.


  • Improved wettability of exterior components prior to painting
  • Plasma activation of topper pads prior to laminating
  • In-line atmospheric plasma treatment of circuits to improve wire bond adhesion
  • Improved adhesion of electronic connectors prior to encapsulation
  • Localized treatment of headlight assemblies to prevent moisture ingress