Plasma Treatment of Contact Lenses and Optics

Plasma treatment of lenses and other optics produces hyper-clean surfaces by removing the thin layer of organic contamination that is present on almost all surfaces. This layer may be only a few nanometers thick but it is sufficient to alter optical properties.

Plasma treatment is performed with oxygen gas, or sometimes even lab air is sufficient, in a few 10’s of seconds and with no chemical waste. Unlike solvent cleaners, plasma cleaning leaves absolutely no residue. Plasma treatment of gas permeable contact lenses is also used to improve surface wettability characteristics which result in increased comfort for longer and also inhibits deposits. The effects of the plasma can last for many weeks.


  • Plasma treatment improves wettability of gas permeable contact lenses
  • Increases patient comfort
  • Plasma cleaning removes trace organic contamination from other optics
  • Surfaces are rendered more hydrophilic



Plasma Surface Cleaning of Lenses

Hoya Lens

Hoya Lens has had a presence in the UK for over 30 years in which time they have brought some of the best quality lens materials to the UK optical market.