Plasma Surface Activation Prior to Gluing

Plasma surface activation of materials prior to gluing is one of the most common uses of plasma. The inherently ‘cold’ plasma process allows temperature sensitive materials to be treated as equally as well as metals, glass and ceramics.

In each case the action of the plasma is two-fold; removal of organic contamination from the surface followed by increased wettability of the surface. Plasma processing does not affect the bulk properties of a material in any way. The increased surface energy results in a significantly stronger bond of most materials with many adhesives. We also offer a wide range of surface test methods for comparison of pre- and post-plasma treated parts.


  • Plasma removes organic contamination from the surface
  • Plasma surface activation makes the surface more wettable
  • Typically 2-fold to a 10-fold improvement in lap-shear strength and peel-strength
  • Adhesion to polymers, glass, ceramics and metal are all improved


Plasma Surface Activation of PEEK

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