Plasma Treatment of Medical Devices

Plasma treatment of medical devices is used to increase the wettability of high performance polymers which can be particularly difficult to print on and bond to due to their inherent low surface energy.

Plasma surface activation is also used to increase adhesion for balloon catheters prior to gluing, syringes/hubs prior to gluing and to treat intra ocular lenses prior to biocompatible coatings or to make them hydrophilic. Our highly trained staff is ready to deal with all your requirements and are extremely experienced in the plasma treatment of medical devices, having worked with and retained many clients across the medical device field.


  • Plasma surface activation to increase adhesion for balloon catheters prior to gluing
  • Plasma surface activation of syringes/hubs prior to gluing
  • Treatment of intra-ocular lenses prior to bio-compatible coatings or to make them hydrophilic
  • Plasma coatings for functionalization of immuno assays and cell culture media
  • Ultra-fine cleaning of medical implants


Plasma Surface Activation of PEEK

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