Plasmas in Life Science Applications

Plasma treatments can deliver specific functionalization of surfaces for e.g. protective coatings, barrier layers and to improve biomolecular absorption.

We offer a wide range of plasma surface treatments to the medical industry to address these growing demands. We are very experienced within the this field having worked across all applications and with many leading medical & life science professionals.


  • Plasma surface activation to increase adhesion for balloon catheters prior to gluing
  • Plasma surface activation of syringes/hubs prior to gluing
  • Treatment of intra-ocular lenses prior to bio-compatible coatings or to make them hydrophilic
  • Plasma coatings for functionalization of immuno-assays and cell culture media
  • Ultra-fine cleaning of medical implants


Surface Activation and Cleaning for Modification of Biomaterials

Queen Mary University of London
Biomaterials are any material, surface or matter that forms a boundary to, and interacts with a biological system and as such they are frequently developed, used and adapted for novel medical.