Atmospheric Plasma Robot System for Surface Treatment

The Atmospheric Plasma Robot System is a 3-axis desktop or cart mounted unit for automation of the plasma surface treatment process.

The atmospheric plasma robot is available with a range of XYZ travel options, from 200mm square to 500mm square and up to 150mm of Z motion. Automation is simple via the easy to use programmable step pendant which can store up to 255 programs each of up to 30,000 data points. A 5-phase stepping motor assures accurate and repeatable motion throughout the range of travel and the unit features a wealth of external I/O capability for integration with other equipment.

The robot is available in either desktop or cart mounted versions with optional guard frame and safety light curtain interlock.


  • 200mm to 500mm XY travel options
  • 255 stored programs
  • Up to 30,000 data points
  • 16 I/O channels
  • Safety light curtain protection
  • Bench or cart mounted


The functionality of the Cirrus and Nimbus has been extended by the introduction of three new application specific nozzle attachments. These are user replaceable and can be supplied with a new system order or for retro-fitting to any existing system.


The ‘Mode’ nozzle is standard and suits 95% of all plasma pre-treatment applications


Our ‘Finite’ nozzle is best suited to confined areas or where a longer reach is needed, for example when treating channels or spaces between components.


The ‘Scope’ nozzle produces a ‘curtain plume’ suitable for wider treatment areas and where multiple passes are not practical.


  • Fast, localized atmospheric plasma pre-treatment of parts prior to bonding
  • Accurate and reproducible plasma treatment prior to adhesive dispensing
  • Surface activation of 3D parts
  • Automated atmospheric plasma treatment
  • Localized plasma treatment
  • Very low operating costs


Plasma Surface Activation of PEEK

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