Easy Test Dyne Pens

Easy test Dyne pens allow you to quickly identify if the surface energy of a test part is >72mN/m. Surface energy is the property of a surface arising from unbalanced molecular forces at or near the surface, compared to those in the bulk material, and provides a quick indication of adhesion characteristics and wettability.

Easy test Dyne pens and how they work – If a liquid is applied to the surface and its surface energy is higher than the surface energy of a material to which it is applied then the liquid tends to form droplets. If the surface energy of the liquid is lower than that of the surface to which it is applied it will spread out or “wet” the surface evenly.


The pens are filled with a Dyne test fluid of 72mN/m surface tension. The pen is drawn across a plasma treated surface and if the liquid draws together or forms beads on the surface then the surface energy is less than 72mN/m, indicating that the plasma treatment has not been performed.