Precision wire saws available from Princeton Scientific have been developed with an improved cutting technique that utilizes the precision guidance of the with and uniform application of an abrasive slurry. This results in:

  • Surface quality is almost 'lapped' quality
  • Cutting that does not introduce deformations
  • Minimal loss of material from cutting
  • Wire diameters from 20µm. to 60µm
  • No "wandering" of cutting wire into an unintended direction.

These precision wire saws are ideal for the precise cutting of:

  • Semiconductors
  • Ferrites
  • Metals
  • Glasses
  • Other Hard or Brittle Solids

A variety of Precision wire saws are available that can cut samples to down to a thickness of 10μm, with smooth cut surfaces where the roughness does not exceed 1µm. With a goniometer mounted to the saw, very precise orientations of crystal surfaces are possible before the cutting process begins.

WS-22 Precision Wire Saw

The WS-22 precision wire saw for cutting small samples. Maximal sample dimensions: 40x40mm. The saw can be used for precision cutting of semiconductors, ferrites, metals, glasses, minerals as well as many other hard or brittle solids.

WS-22B Precision Wire Saw

The WS-22B precision wire saw is ideal for cutting small and medium size samples. Maximal sample dimensions: 80x80x150mm. The saw can be used for precision cutting of semiconductors, ferrites, metals, glasses, minerals as well as many other hard or brittle solids.

WS-25 High Precision Wire Saw

WS-25 Precision Wire Saw

The WS-25 precision wire saw is our first saw that can cut using free abrasive method or cutting with diamond dotted wire. Saw is equipped with electronically controlled support which allows cutting in straight line without the use of wire posts. Field of application is the same as for WS-22 and WS-22B saw.

WS-25B Precision Wire Saw

The WS-25B precision wire saw is a precision device for cutting or slicing hard and brittle materials, such as metals, ferrites, ceramics, stones etc. In particular, it is useful for cutting semiconducting materials.

Precision Wire Saw Accessories

Extend the capabilities of our WS-22/WS-22B wire saws with accessories to aid in the precise cutting of crystallographically oriented crystals.


Our goniometers are designed for orientation of specimen when cutting along desired directions using either X-ray or optical orientation techniques.

Laue Camera

Laue Cameras

Laue cameras are designed for the orientation of single crystal samples using back reflection known as the Laue method. They are used for cutting along strictly determined crystallographic planes.

Optical orientation device

Optical Orientation Devices

Optical orientation devices are used to determine the orientation of crystals or to align crystals so that specifically oriented surface can be cut.

PSC Stereomicroscope

Our stereomicroscopes  are used for stereoscopic observation of samples with the use of changeable magnification. Stereomicroscopes are mounted on to wire saws frame.

Vacuum sample holder

Vacuum Sample Holder

Vacuum Sample Holder is designed to use a vacuum to hold a glass plate, on to which samples are fixed with wax.