MST 132 Stereomicroscope


The MST-132 stereomicroscope,  with  a  wide  visible field, is designed  for  stereoscopic observation of samples with the use of changeable magnification. Microscope  is  equipped  with  its  own  power  supply for regulation of light and table for cross light observation.


Technical Data
• with 10x eyepiece
• with 20x eyepiece
• with 25x eyepiece and  N 1.6x lens
6.3x - 40x
12.6x - 80x
25.2x - 160x
Visible field:
* max
* min
40mm (magn. 6.3x)
1.5mm (magn. 160x)
Lens magnification: 0.63x, 1.0x, 1.6x, 2.5x, 4.0x
Light: Two lamps 6V/15W
Measuring eyepiece: 12STS
Measuring eyepiece Magn. 12x
MST 132 Stereomicroscope

MST 132 Stereomicroscope Head


Stereomicroscope head is used to mount the MST-132 stereomicroscope on to WS22/WS22B/WS25 frame. It facilitates precise monitoring of cutting process.