The WS-22B High Precision Wire Saw has stronger horizontal support than the WS-22 and includes ball bearings on both sides. This allows the wire saw to cut samples of larger dimensions and weight.

The WS-22B wire saw has been developed to meet two important requirements: 1) cutting should not introduce deformations or defects, and 2) loss of material should be minimized. These two requirements have been met by the development of an improved cutting technique which utilizes the precision guidance of the wire, and uniform application of an abrasive slurry. The WS-22B wire saw is a semi-automatic machine and requires no supervision during its operation. The wire saw can be used for precision cutting of semiconductors, ferrites, metals, and glasses, as well as many other hard or brittle solids. The WS-22B wire saw enables the cutting of very thin slices (down to thickness of 10μm) with smooth cut surfaces (where surface roughness does not exceed 1µm). The WS-22B wire saw is particularly recommended for cutting materials where minimization of material and surface loss demands are important. Using the thinnest available wire (20µm diameter) and proper abrasive powder dimensions, the material loss does not exceed 30μm. The obtained slices are perfectly parallel, thus additional lapping is unnecessary. Cutting at any desired angle is possible due to the rotation of the sample holder. The use of the special accessories (goniometers, orientation devices, etc.) extends the WS-22B wire saw's application to precision cutting of crystallographically oriented crystals.

General Characteristics

A thin tungsten wire, moistened with an oil or glycerin-suspended abrasive slurry, is used for cutting. The slurry is applied continuously to cutting area. The wire moves rapidly back and forth in an oscillatory motion. High cutting accuracy is guaranteed by the following features:

  • Sample is in the swinging motion around the axis perpendicular to the cutting plane;
  • Sawing wire slides on the two guide bars which are in a swinging motion;
  • Wire load on the sample is precisely controlled;
  • To prevent wire wear, new wire is fed continuously to the cutting area.

Cutting speed depends mainly on the wire load, sample hardness, sample shape and materials (for such materials as Ge, InSb, HgTe, and GaS, cutting speed is approximately from 1cm2/h up to 3cm2/h. The WS-22 wire saw is equipped with a high precision horizontal sample carriage mechanism of high precision. Displacement of the sample by 30mm with a deviation of less than 0.002mm is possible. Sample holder can rotate around the vertical axis and be fixed in any desired position. The WS-22B wire saw is equipped with an automatic shut-off (AUTO-STOP) which turns off the saw when the cutting wire is torn, the cutting is completed, or the desired cutting depth is achieved. This wire saw is also equipped with a magnetically driven mixing device which batches the slurry. The mixing and batching procedure is automatically controlled by an electronic system, which enables adjustment of dropping frequency and drop formation time (dependent on the viscosity and density of the slurry).

Technical Data
Sample Max. Dimensions Appr. 80x80x150 mm
Power Supply 220-250 V/50 Hz
or 110 V/60 Hz
Wire Diameter 20-60 μm
Wire Oscillation Frequency 200,300/min
Weight 58 kg
Dimensions 530x480x340 mm