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Iodine is a black, shiny, non-metallic solid (I2) which sublimes easily on heating to give a purple vapour. It is used as a disinfectant, in pharmaceuticals, food supplements, dyes, catalysts and photography.

Atomic number 53
Density in g/cm³ 4.940
Atomic radius in pm 115
Atomic weight in u 126.90
Melting point in °C 113.60
Boiling point in °C 184.35

NameDimensionsPurityQuantityArticle NumberAdd to quotehf:categories
I-Iodic acid99.5+%100g004443compounds-iodine iodine
Iodine chloride98+%100g004445compounds-iodine iodine
Iodine pentoxide granules99%100g004446compounds-iodine iodine
Iodine pentoxide granules99%100g004446granules-pellets-pieces-iodine iodine
Iodine powder, crystalline99%25g009193-1iodine powder-iodine
Iodine powder, crystalline99%100g009193-2iodine powder-iodine
Iodine powder, crystalline, resublimed, ACS99.8+%25g009194-1iodine powder-iodine
Iodine powder, crystalline, resublimed, ACS99.8+%100g009194-2iodine powder-iodine