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Osmium is a lustrous, silvery metal of the so-called platinum group. It is unaffected by air, water, and acids, but dissolves in molten alkalis. Osmium metal gives off a recognizable smell due to the formation of volatile osmium tetroxide, OsO4. The metalis used in alloys and catalysts.

Atomic number76
Density in g/cm³22.59
Atomic radius in pm185
Atomic weight in u190.23
Melting point in °C3054
Boiling point in °C5027

NameDimensionsPurityQuantityArticle NumberAdd to quotehf:categories
Osmium(VIII) oxide99.9%2x0,25g006051-1
compounds-osmium osmium
Osmium(VIII) oxide99.9%1g006051-2
compounds-osmium osmium
Osmium(VIII) oxide solution, 4% OsO45ml902013
compounds-osmium osmium