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Yttrium is a soft, silvery-white metal that is stable in air due to the formation of an oxide film on its surface. It burns if ignited, and is attacked by water and forms hydrogen. Yttrium is used in various ways: to give red colours in TV screens, in X-ray filters, superconductors and for superalloys.

Atomic number 39
Density in g/cm³ 4.472
Atomic radius in pm 212
Atomic weight in u 88.906
Melting point in °C 1522
Boiling point in °C 3338

NameDimensionsPurityQuantityArticle NumberAdd to quotehf:categories
Yttrium Target99.9%1St.TY001targets-yttrium yttrium
Yttrium Target99.9%1St.TY002targets-yttrium yttrium
Yttrium Target99.9%1St.TY003targets-yttrium yttrium
Yttrium Target99.9%1St.TY004targets-yttrium yttrium
Yttrium Target99.9%1St.TY005targets-yttrium yttrium
Yttrium Target99.9%1St.TY006targets-yttrium yttrium
Yttrium Target99.9%1St.TY007targets-yttrium yttrium