Five Axis Manipulators

5 Axes Manipulator


The Manipulator with Helium Cryostat is a versatile, close cycle system that has many applications in ultra-high vacuum research. The manipulator is a high precision, high rigidity, UHV specimen manipulator of modular construction, suitable for a range of X, Y and Z linear motions and R1 and R3 rotations. The modular construction means that the specification can be upgraded or modified by the addition or replacement of well-defined modules.


The 5/6 Axes Manipulators are used for manipulating sample holders and scientific tools with respect to a sample’s position. These manipulators, when combined with sample holders, allow precise placement and manipulation of samples in UHV environments. The manipulators themselves move the sample in three orthogonal axes, X, Y, and Z, while the rotary drives provide R1 and R3 rotations around the Z and Y axes.


  • Full motorisation
  • Full software control
  • Helium recovery system
  • Possibility to mount an angular device for PES calibration
  • Low vibration cryostat

Heating methods (flag sample holders):

  • Direct heating with 10A
  • Resistive heating (on request)
  • EB heating (on request)

Technical Data

Positional control X, Y Micrometer or stepper motor
Positional control Z Handwheel or stepper motor
Positional control R1 Stepper motor
Positional control R3 Rotary feedthrough or stepper motor
Pressure range: to 10-11mbar
Sample cooling temperature below 10K
Operating temperature -25°C to +60°C
Bakeout temperature 150°C cryostat ON / 80°C cryostat OFF
Standard base flange DN 100CF or DN 160CF
XY range ± 12.5 mm
Resolution (manual/motorised) 5 μm / 1 μm
Z range 300 mm
Resolution (manual/motorised) 1 mm / standard 10 μm
(1 μm on request)
R1 range ± 180°
Resolution (motorised) 0.1°
R3 range -20° to 40°
Resolution (manual/motorised) 0.5° / 0.1°

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