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Electron Source Power Supply ES40-PS


The power supply allows fine adjustment of beam energy, density, position on the sample and also beam profile. Advanced scanning features allow for independently controlled scanning range and scanning speed. All settings can be stored and recalled automatically after unit switch on, or else manually adjusted. The unit also features a built in timer and automatic standby mode.
The ES40-PS can be supplied as a full width 19″ rack mounting unit (3U height) or free standing. Easy firmware update via USB port. Unit can be remotely controlled via RS232/485 or Ethernet interfaces.


The ES40-PS power supply is intended to use with the ES40C1 Low Energy Electron Source or Double Pass Mini Cylindrical Mirror Analyzer CMA 40CF. The power supply allows fine adjustment of the electron beam profile to achieve a small spot at high energy and emission currents.


- Software control (Version Pro, Extended or Library Module),
- Analog I/O card for vacuum measurement (1 gauge).

Technical Data

Supply voltage 100 - 120 VAC/200 - 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz (power consumption max 250 W)
Beam energy (Ueng) 0 - 5000 eV, resolution 0.1 eV, ripple < 200 mV
Emission current (Ie) 0.1 - 300 μA, res. 0.01 μA [ES mode]1 - 3000 nA, res. 1 nA [CMA mode]
Focus Voltage (Ufoc) 60 - 100 % related to energy voltage, resolution 0.1 %
Wehnelt voltage (Uwehn) 0 - 150 V, res. 0.1 V [ES mode]-12 - 12 V, res. 0.1 V [CMA mode]
Beam position (Px,Py) resolution 0.01 mm, middle pos ±5 mm
Scanning area (Δx, Δy) 10 mm × 10 mm, resolution 0.01 mm
Scanning speed (time/dot) 20 μs - 30 ms
Vacuum measurement (optional) CTR90, TTR91, TTR211, PTR225, PTR90, ITR90, ITR100, Baratron, ANALOG IN, MKS937A, PG105, MG13/14, PKR251, PCR280, ATMION
Communication interface RS232/485, Ethernet
User interface 7" TFT display with touchscreen, digital encoder
Interface languages English, German, Polish
Dimensions 483 x 133 x 435 mm (W x H x D), 19" rack mountable
Weight (approx.) 9.2 kg

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