Flood Source FS 40A1

Low cost electron flood gun for charge neutralisation of insulators or semiconductors in XPS/AES and SIMS applications.The flood source operates over two energy ranges, is fully software controlled and can also be supplied with custom insertion lengths (145 - 421 mm, other on request) and shielding materials, e.g. mu-metal, copper.


  • High electrom beam current
  • Selectable energy ranges
  • Stabilised emission
  • Beam profile control


  • Linear shift
  • Customised insertion length
  • Source shielding material (μ-metal or copper)

Technical Data

Mounting flange DN 40CF (non-rotatable)
Energy range 0.01 - 500 eV
Sample current up to 100 μA
Cathode type thoriated tungsten
Shield Cu or μ-metal
Insertion length min. 145 mm (others on request), OD: 33.6 mm (μ-metal), 35 mm (Cu)
FWHM depending on working distance (e.g. 10 mm for distance 30 mm)
Typical working distance 20-100 mm
Bakeout temperature up to 250°C
Working pressure < 5 × 10-6 mbar

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