M600DC-PS Magnetron Power Supply


The M600DC-PS is compact switch-mode DC power supply designed to drive magnetron sources. All adjustable parameters are displayed on the large TFT display with touchscreen. All settings can be manually adjusted or can be stored and recalled automatically after unit switch on. The unit also features a built in timer and automatic standby mode. Unit can be remotely controlled via one of available analog or digital interfaces.


  • Easy to extend power up to 1200 W/1800 W/2400 W with additional modules
  • Switch for 3 magnetron sources with shutters control.
  • Adjustable limits of voltage, current and power separately for each output
  • Multiple I/O - individual programmable
  • Thickness and evaporation rate measurements (support for Thickness Monitors TM13 /14)
  • Vacuum measurements (support for active vacuum gauges)
  • Mass Flow Controller support

Technical Data

Supply voltage 100 - 240 V, 50-60 Hz
Output voltage up to 1200 V (from 50 V)
Output current up to 1200 mA* (from 1 mA)
Output power up to 600 W** (from 1 W)
Switch-mode 3 outputs
Analog inputs/outputs 3 (0 - 10V)/ 3 (0 - 10V)
Digital inputs and outputs individual programmable
Timer dual mode timer 0 s - 99 h 59 min.
Vacuum measurement (optional) CTR90, TTR91, TTR211, PTR225,PTR90, ITR90, ITR100, Baratron, Analog in, MKS937A, PG105, MG13/14, PKR251/360/361, PCR280, ATMION
Communication interface RS232/485, Ethernet
Communication protocol MODBUS-TCP/RTU
User interface 5" TFT display with touchscreen, digital encoder
Interface languages English, German, Polish
Dimensions 242 x 87 x 450 mm (WxHxD) 2U 42HP
Weight (approx.) 6 kg

*easy to extend with additional modules, to: 2.4 A/3.6 A/4.8 A
** easy to extend with additional modules, up to: 1200 W/1800 W/2400 W