1-3 Axis Manipulators

According to the precise individual needs of the client, we can design and provide a wide range of customised UHV manipulators.

The manipulators can move sample in any of three orthogonal axis XYZ. Additional rotational movements around these axis (R1, R2, R3) can be achieved using add-on rotary devices. To achieve the highest positioning accuracy, resolution and repeatability, the XYZ manipulator and rotary drive movements can be motorized. Manipulators can work in any orientation.

Heating and cooling option

PTS and flag style range of sample holders dock with the receiving station on each manipulator. Samples are either resistively or electron-beam or direct current heated, depending upon the requirement. They are cooled by using a manipulator mounted cryostat through which liquid nitrogen (LN2) or liquid helium (LHe) flows.

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