4-6 Axis Helium Manipulators (Closed Cycle)

The manipulator with helium cryostat is a versatile, closed cycle system that has many applications in ultra high vacuum research.

The manipulator can be configured with Z slide, XY stage or differentially pumped rotary feedthrough. The modular construction means that the specification can be upgraded or modified by the addition or replacement of well defined modules. The standard mounting flange is DN 100CF. The system typically includes a compressor, high pressure hoses, expander, temperature controller, heater and sensor.


▪ Full motorization
▪ Full software control
▪ Helium recovery system
▪ Possibility to mount an angular device for PES calibration
▪ Additional electrical contacts for silicon sample direct heating
▪ Low vibration cryostat
▪ Temperature stabilization
▪ Heating option: direct, resistive or EB

Heating and cooling methods

Sample temperature depend on sample holder type:
▪ EB heating - up to 1000 °C (second stage)
▪ Direct heating with 10 A
▪ Resistive heating (on request)
▪ Liquid helium cooling:
below 10 K* (5-axis manipulator)
* parameters achieved without stabilization and without heating option.

Technical Data

Standard base flange DN 100CF or DN 160CF
Pressure range 1 bar to 10-11 mbar
Heating methods resistive, EB, direct
Cooling method LHe
XY range ± 12.5 mm*
   positional control micrometer/motorised**
   resolution (manual/motorised) 5 μm / 1 μm
Z range up to 300 mm
   positional control handwheel/motorised**
   resolution (manual/motorised) 50 μm / standard 10 μm
(1 μm on request)
R1 range ± 180°
   positional control rotary feedthrough/motorised**
   resolution (motorised) 0.1°
R2 range 360° continuous
   positional control motorised**
   resolution (motorised) 0.1°
R3 range - 20° to +40°
   positional control rotary feedthrough/motorised**
   resolution (motorised) 0.1°
Bakeout temperature up to 150 °C


* for base flange DN 160CF
** stepper motor or servomotor - depend on application.
Manipulator can be prepared for customer motors or drivers - on request.

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